Wednesday, June 26, 2013

End of school happenings.

Tessa had a dance recital.  She did such a good job and looked so cute.  She got to dance on a stage at the Covey Art Center.

Tacoma graduated from the 6th grade.  It is their last year in Elementary School so they do a graduation for them.  He will be in Jr. High next year...yikes.
 Talon with his wonderful teacher Mrs. Hullinger on the last day of school.  Talon absolutely adored her and loved 1st grade. 
 Taigely with Mrs. Phillips on the last day of 4th grade.  She had a good year and is ready for 5th grade.
 Tessa with Mrs. Laura at her preschool graduation.  All of the kids except Tacoma has had her for a teacher.  It was a fun year.  Tessa doesn't turn 5 until January so she gets to do one more year of preschool.  She is going to go to Itty Bitty Bruins preschool.  We are excited summer is here and staying busy with baseball, softball and tee ball.

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